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Gillian Norris' Biography

If you wanted to learn about Gillian Norris, you've come to the right place!

When you think of "Temptress" who else do you think of but Gillian Norris? If you dont recognize her name you would surly recognize her dance as the "Gypsy" in Lord of the Dance. Gillian Norris plays Morrighan, The Temptress in Michael Flatley's show Lord of the Dance. Gillian has been with the show since the begining in 1996 at the Point Theater in Dublin, Ireland. Gillian has toured the world, and this girl is only 22. "I've been with the Lord of the Dance troupe for the past 6 months now and we're just back from Australia where we played six cities including Sydney, Perth Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. We travel to the North East of England in the New Year for a series of dates in Newcastle then onto Wembley and Glasgow before hitting the US in February and a stint at Radio City New York. I head back to the UK after St. Stephen's day for rehearsals in Newcastle and the show opens on the 29th of December, which is my 18th birthday!"
"Being in New York was an absolute dream come true. I always wanted to go there, but never imagined I'd get there so soon. My family saw me on stage when we performed in Dublin, and my mother came over to see the opening night in Radio City Music Hall. They were delighted to see me up there." Says Ms. Norris

It all started on December 29, 1980 when Gillian Norris was born to the two proudest parents Mary and Desmond Norris. Mr. Norris works as a carpenter and a well-known tenor. Gillian has 3 brothers: Michael, PJ, and Steven also 2 sisters; Anne Marie and Claire. What a family! Born in Kilmacthomas County Waterford. Would you believe this "sexpot" was a tomboy growing up? I wouldnt believe it either! "I never wore any make-up before I joined the show, except a bit of foundation and lip gloss" she admits in an interview with Irish dancing magazine. Her parents signed her up for 6:00 dance lessons at the Higgins School of Irish dance in Waterford. Gillian didn't like Irish Dancing she played soccer and other types of Irish games. *Imagine that* So purposely she would miss her ride home after-school and miss her dance classes. Her parents werent too happy about that and they really wanted her to do Irish Dancing so they enrolled her into a later class so she wouldnt miss it. Finally, they started doing new moves in the class she liked, so that gave her a boost to go more often. ''All Irish parents want their children to try Irish dancing,'' she said. What if she never went? Who would be our Temptress that would set the standards for other Temptress to come?

What became of all this dancing and years of hard-work? Dancing the All-Ireland, Great Britain, and British National titles and 3rd in the Worlds! Go Gillian! So exactly when did she join Lord of the Dance? "Three years ago, after the All-Irelands, my teacher received a phone call asking if I would like to go for an audition. There were hundreds of dancers there, but I was picked to do the Royal Gala performance. After only a couple of weeks, rehearsals for the show started. I never really sat down and thought about it, it all happened so quickly."

" Michael has such charisma, and he tremendous to dance with" a comment from Ms. Norris about her fellow dancer, Michael Flatley. "My dancing teachers; Phil and Michelle Higgins were contacted for me to go to auditions around the time of last year's All-Ireland Dancing Championships and I went to Dublin for the audition. I had been at the Riverdance auditions 2 weeks before and got an offer from Michael Flatley. As I'd always admired his work I thought he was the one to go with." she said. I would say she made the right choice about going with Lord of the Dance instead of Riverdance.

This chocoholic has no problems devouring chocolate at home and especially a boost before the show starts as a warm-up. Have you see this girl's hair? It is all hers! Does she every wear a wig? "No, never. I'd be worried about it flying off and landing on someone in the audience! But she must take good care of it. It should be in good condition considering she wanted to be a beautician, but dancing a lead and traveling the world kind of put that on hold. What is next for this little wonder? Well the lastest on Gillian was that she danced in the show "Ragus" as a lead and a lot like her role in LOTD as a "Temptress". That run of the show has ended. She now is looking into singing or modeling, so look out for her!

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