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Gillian's Biography!

Gillian Norris was born on December 29,1978.Now 20 Gillian has been dancing for 10 years, she started at age 10, she has already won All-Ireland, Great Britian Nationals and third place in the World championships. Her teachers were Phil and Mary Higgns she danced at the Higgins school of Irish Dance. Lord of the dance is Gillian's debut in performance in a show. She is the daughter of Desmond and Mary Norris, her dad is a carpenter. Her mother is a former Irish dancer.Her father plays accordian and sings. All her aunts and uncles are talented in similar ways, too! She is the youngest in her family. She has three brothers, Michael, Steven, and PJ. She also has two sisters Annie Marie and Claire. She is from Kilmathomas, country Waterford.Arleen from Troupe 2 says that Gillian is a major Chocoholic!Gillian's favorite color is black.Gillian is Morrighan, the temptress. She still has trouble believing the incredible journey that has become her life.

Gillian describes dancing with Michael Flatley as " An experience of a lifetime" and adds " he has such charisma, he's tremendous to dance with. Bernadette is great to work with also." "The music is so fast and wild and the dancing is so different then I did in competions that was very automatic but this is free and expresive.Gillian's says that dancing in LOTD has been a dream come true but it's exhausting Everyday you learn new things to do with your hands and such." Gillian was very much the Tomboy growing up. She liked to play soccer and some other Irish games I didn't understand. Her mam signed her up for dance classes at 6:00 class after school. She would manage to miss her ride home and such to avoid going to class. Finally they put her in a later class where she would have no excuse. "But mam, I don't like it!" was her response. Finally the class started a new dance number that she was interested in and she went more regularly. During one of the Phoenix shows she injured her back and was out for a week, but is back now and better than ever

Arleen Ni Bhaoill (Troupe 2's Saiorse)did Gillian's part and people thought that Arleen did it better but she has too long of legs to do it! But you know that's their opinion.MF has a few things to say about Gillian."Gillian was the fire in the show. She's just dangerous" "There's something about her need to be a star, in the best possible way that she knows she was born for it. It's in her blood. She knows when to give and when not to. And she knows when to turn up the power and when to add the sex appeal. And I think there is a delicate balance there that she has managed to keep all the way through her dancing."Gillian and Bernadette were the best female dancers in the world"